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Waterberg Wild Dog Initiative

The WWDI works within the community to conserve African wild dogs in the Waterberg, South Africa.

Our Work


Community Support

Working within the community to better understand the human-wildlife conflict occurring and promote co-existence.

Mitigate Threats

Developing innovative projects to mitigate threats of persecution, snaring, road collisions, and habitat fragmentation.


Increase Understanding

Gaining accurate information about the Waterberg Wild Dogs to inform community members, contribute towards research, and assist management efforts.

Promote Ecotourism Potential

Leveraging the ecotourism potential of the Waterberg Wild Dogs to mitigate conflict during stationary periods.


Awareness & Education

Increasing awareness on the conservation status of African Wild Dogs and educating the community about the importance of the Waterberg Wild Dog population.

African wild dogs require vast expanses of land to hunt, breed, disperse, and live their lives. Unfortunately, South Africa is running out of suitable, safe space.

Our Sponsors

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