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2023 Waterberg Wild Dogs
Ecotourism Project


For the first time, there are currently TWO opportunities to view African wild dogs in the Waterberg through the 2023 Waterberg Wild Dog Ecotourism Project. Ecotourism opportunities are currently available with both the TOOG Area Pack and the Melkrivier Area Pack.

The TOOG Area Pack

Currently the largest free-roaming African wild dog pack outside of formally protected areas in South Africa, the TOOG Pack ranges near between Vaalwater and Lephalale.

The Melkrivier Area Pack

An extremely rare-to-see pack, the Melkrivier Pack has a long history of monitoring and conservation efforts in the area between Vaalwater and Melkrivier.

About the project...

The Waterberg Wild Dog Ecotourism Project provides a rare opportunity to view truly free-roaming African wild dogs in their natural environment in South Africa. Guests can expect to take a guided, informative game drive in an open vehicle to an area near the wild dogs' den site, where the pack will be provided with a fresh game carcass to supplement their diet, limit their predation on the private properties, and allow for excellent photographic opportunities.


The Ecotourism Project leverages the opportunity to view free-roaming African wild dogs and generates support for the pack and the private properties conserving them during their denning season. By generating monetary funding and supplementing their diet, the pack's predation impact on the small, private properties is reduced. The Waterberg Wild Dog Ecotourism Project is an excellent way to see African wild dogs, support the community, and support the conservation of the packs. 

Please note, to protect the safety of the pack, no guests will be taken to the packs' den sites.

The TOOG Pack Ecotourism Project

The Waterberg Wild Dog Initiative is facilitating its 2023 Waterberg Wild Dog Ecotourism Project with the TOOG Area Pack, providing a rare opportunity to view the largest free-roaming pack outside of formally protected areas in South Africa. Join us for the third year in a row to view the pack and support their conservation.

The Wild Dog Ecotourism Project with the TOOG Area Pack is being coordinated on a private property located south of Lephalale, Limpopo. The entrance and meeting point for guests attending the excursion is located just off of the R33. The entrance is approximately 30km south of Lephalale and 60km north of Vaalwater.


Upon confirmation of your booking, a Google Maps pin will be sent to better direct you towards the entrance.

During the viewing, guests will have the opportunity to learn about African wild dog behaviors, the history of the pack, and the WWDI's efforts to conserve them.


Viewing times vary, depending on the pack's behaviors, but typically range from 30-60 minutes. To align with the natural movements of the pack, viewings can only be conducted in the afternoon, with a start time of 2:45PM.

The cost...

This unique opportunity is being offered at


for an exclusive group (limit 9 people)



per person

(minimum 4 required)

All proceeds from the project go directly towards supporting the private properties conserving the dogs during this critical period.

Pre-booking is essential to secure your spot. To book your viewing, please email with your total number of people and preferred date.


Reduced rates are available for commercial lodges within the Waterberg, school groups, and community members within the pack's range.


Please note, space is limited to only one booking per day.

The Melkrivier Pack Ecotourism Project

The Waterberg Wild Dog Initiative is working with Nyati Wilderness, Izintaba Private Game Reserve, Haak n Steek Safaris, and the Endangered Wildlife Trust to facilitate the 2023 Waterberg Wild Dog Ecotourism Project with the Melkrivier Area Pack. The project provides an exciting opportunity to view the historic pack and assist in building our knowledge of the pack.

The Ecotourism Project with the Melkrivier Area Pack is being coordinated on Nyati Wilderness, a private reserve northeast of Vaalwater, Limpopo. During their denning season, the pack is utilising Nyati Wilderness, Haak n Steek Safaris, and Izintaba Private Game Reserve to hunt and support their new pups. All three properties are offering special opportunities for guests to view the pack and help offset the impacts to the properties, ensuring the area can remain a safe and suitable area for the pack after the denning season.

For bookings and opportunities to see the Melkrivier Pack, please contact

Nyati Wilderness (; or

Izintaba Private Game Reserve (; or

Haak n Steek Safaris (

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Nyati Logo.jpg

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I see the pups?

The Waterberg Wild Dog population has a history of persecution and, as a result, has a natural fear of humans. It is unlikely that the pack will bring the pups within view of the game vehicle.

How long will the project last?

We follow the dogs' rules! Trips to view the packs will be organized as long as the pack remains at their den site in the area. We expect the ecotourism project to last into August, however, it all depends on the movements of the pack.

What time can I book?

To align with the dogs' natural behaviors and daily activity patterns, visits are only able to be booked in the afternoon/evening hours. 

What should I bring?

We recommend bringing along warm clothing, cameras, binoculars, and bottled water.

2022 TOOG Pack
Ecotourism Project Results

2023 marks the third year in a row the WWDI has facilitated a similar ecotourism project with the TOOG Area pack. Last year, 260 guests had the opportunity to view the pack, generating R50,000 to support the private properties hosting the pack during this critical time. For more details, download a full copy of the 2022 Ecotourism Project Report at the button below. Thank you to those that participated in the 2022 project and helped support both the pack and the community conserving them!

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