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Thank you to our generous donors and sponsors for supporting Waterberg Wild Dog conservation!

Sponsors: Welcome

Toyota South African Motors

Toyota SA is supporting the conservation of the Waterberg Wild Dogs by providing a 2023 Toyota Hilux DC 4x4 and operational funding to the WWDI. Their support enables the WWDI to play an active role in tracking and monitoring the Waterberg Wild Dog population. Toyota SA has supported the WWDI since 2021!


Thank you to Toyota SA Motors for leading the way in Waterberg Wild Dog conservation!

Toyota Handover - Waterberg Wild dog Sanctuary-6
Toyota Handover - Waterberg Wild dog Sanctuary-2
Sponsors: Portfolio

The Kendziorski Family

The Kendziorski Family from the United States of America has been a proud supporter of the Waterberg Wild Dog Initiative (WWDI) since 2022. Their generosity has enabled the WWDI to expand its efforts to conserve African wild dogs in the Waterberg. 

Thank you to the Kendziorski Family for their incredible support, generosity, and passion for African wild dogs and their conservation!

The Africa's Wild Dog Survival Fund

Waterberg Landscape Alliance

Waterberg Rhino UK

Thank you to all of our sponsors and donors. Your support of WWDI is greatly appreciated!

Sponsors: Portfolio
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